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Where to Go On Vacation in Asia

Posted By on February 15, 2015

My family and I journeyed to the exotic city of Hong Kong for vacation. We had an extremely pleasant experience there thanks to Hong Kong hotels. My husband and I have four children under the age of 10, so we really needed a very family friendly place to stay.

The hotel we chose had big, spacious rooms as well as lots of outdoor activities the children could enjoy. The pool was additionally very large and had a diving board, water slide and adjacent bar.

My husband and I took advantage of the babysitting service the hotel offered as part of our stay so that we could enjoy some quality time away from the kids. The hotel had a very fancy bar, a restaurant serving gourmet meals and also a spa area so we could get daily massages.

My Homely Additions

Posted By on February 10, 2015

My friend recently renovated their house and I just love what they did to their living room. It originally was a carpeted and curtain ensemble of greens and blues. They turned it into a lush and decadent arrangement of soft pastels complimented by wooden fixtures. Their choice of shutters Manchester is what really caught my eye because I was never really fond of them, but theirs are really beautiful. Their living room windows are huge with high arches so I was concerned they were going to have a hard time finding something that would fit perfectly. What they chose was amazing and even affordable. They had some custom made knotty alder wood shutters installed that really accented the windows nicely. They let in the perfect amount of sunlight and gave the room an added touch of style and grace. I will be renovating soon and will definitely choose this feature.

The world through a window

Posted By on February 9, 2015

They sold their house in the city and moved to the rolling hills of Kentucky. After forty years of living in the city they weren’t sure of what to expect. The new place was nice, but vastly different from what they were used to, after all they were “city folk”.

Their new home sat in the middle of a 40 acre track of land and was pretty secluded. Not like the old place where they had to put blinds Manchester on the windows to keep the neighbors from peering in. The new place was quite remote and was a bit of a fixer upper but with some work it would do nicely.

One morning as they were enjoying their morning coffee, they looked outside and noticed a family of turkeys on a morning stroll. This was home, they thought as they got to look at life through a different window.

The ultimate irony!

Posted By on December 20, 2014

The wedding day was upon us and we lingered through the crowds. We were breathless with anticipation about what the vows would abound.

The bride and groom entered and they took their place. The party favors were in the back waiting for their time and place. The bride and groom hasd waited all of this time for their own firworks. That when it came time to the kissing part, they wree just about to burst. The vows were read and the priest said the prayer. They both said their I do’s and they atmosphere began to flare. They both leaned in and prepared for the kiss. As the both open their mouth something began to be amiss.

The kiss was upon them and something else boomed. The part favor fireworks went off instead. A sigh from both the bride and the groom

Now that is what I call wedding fireworks!

Painful Bass

Posted By on December 17, 2014

My friends and I had a favorite fishing hole, secluded and full of great sized Largemouth Bass. We fished there every chance we got and caught keeper sized Bass with almost every cast. A rod, reel and a rubber worm was all we needed to have an afternoon of fun.

There was one small problem though. Old man Rogers didn’t like anybody fishing his pond. He raising Largemouth Bass in that pond with the goal of breaking the world record, and he must have known what he was doing because we caught ten to fifteen pounders all the time. Once we even caught a seventeen pounder. We always released what we caught, but that never seemed to satisfy Mr. Rogers. We developed an understanding: We would sneak in and fish as long as we could, and when he caught us, he’d unload some rock salt in our direction.